Strangers in our home

Another crazy day ahead

Planning a meal for strangers is never easy. I need to guess dietary requirements, have veggie options just incase, and make our home and myself look beautiful. Jackie the entertainer, and Goddess of the kitchen, my hair should be immaculate, my clothes hot off the press. Oh what joys await me.

It’s always hard trying to find something that we may have in common, at times I find it impossible. I never know who is going to enter our home, all I know at the moment is that it will be mainly a group of men. ( one lady) I always find men easier, women can be so bitchy at times, this is done normally with a bright smile but the words can be so cutting. I remember one such lady saying with a bright smile that she really loves my dress, “she has always loved me in that dress”. ( the underlying meaning, I have worn it before)   Men just don’t pick up these bitchy comments, Tony complimented my choice of evening wear, saying that he also really loves “that dress”. Bless him he had no idea that it was a put down.

I never know if the women are being nice because they actually like me, or is it because they wish for their husbands to be promoted etc… I entertain the trophy wives, these are normally at least ten years younger often from third world countries most have no brains, but look stunning. I put on my smiling clown face and let them rabbit on about themselves and how wonderful they are. I turn a blind eye when a few are almost in my husbands lap, trying to impress him, the low cut dresses, or the short skirts normally are the warning signs. I always remember the words ” Just because they smile at you, this does not make them your friend”

Hopefully this evening all will enjoy the food I have put so much effort into preparing, my husband will not get loads of distracting telephone calls, so I am left alone courting them all. An added bonus, that the lady who will be visiting will be an everyday housewife, not from the beauty parlor brigade, with a face filled with botox.


Loved and lost ” Rebecca 1980 – 2006″

Envy is a horrible trait, it destroys.

Many people wish that they were me, but they do not understand the road I travelled. I would give it up tomorrow if I could have my daughter back in my arms. All I would want is one more hug, one more time to say “I love you” Money does not buy health, or happiness, or bring into our lives sincere friends.

Rebecca was taken from us so quickly and so dramatically I will never recover completely from our loss. My husband was away working at the time, I remained in England looking after our son after his near fatal car accident with a drunken driver. We were in the process of buying a new home and life was looking good. Ashley had survived his horrific car accident, we were all so happy.

Rebecca had a headache when she awoke, and a rash appeared on her legs. It was an exciting day as we were all going to visit what would have been our new home. Although Rebecca was not feeling good she was carried away with the excitement of seeing where we would all be living shortly. We drove to the property and met Ashley and his girlfriend at the house. Everyone agreed the house was wonderful, we all felt that the world was our oyster.

Unable to contain our excitement, we met again for lunch which was full of laughter and happiness, but Rebecca mentioned that she still did not feel very well. Ashley drove his girlfriend home, Rebecca and I arrived back at our house but I had a 6th sense something was terribly wrong with our daughter. I was searching through the medical book when my sister arrived on a flying visit, she took one look at Rebecca and told me to call a doctor immediately “Meningitis” my sister thought could be her problem.

After frantic telephone calls, I was asked to take Rebecca along to the local hospital, by which time she was vomiting, and shaking from head to foot.   Thankfully the doctor reassured us that Rebecca only had a tummy bug, and that her rash was an allergy, when we all returned home we were all feeling such relief. Within moments of our arrival home Rebecca started to fit, an ambulance arrived very quickly; Rebecca was raced into hospital.  Ashley raced to meet us at the hospital, we were all in shock!

On our arrival we were told to go into the family room, where it was explained that Rebecca was on life support. Our precious daughter survived for two long days, but sadly died a few hours after my husband returned from Dubai. We were together as a family, and said our goodbyes. “Rebecca Rose-Marie” passed away at the age of 26 years, meningitis took our beautiful daughter.

My protected world was shattered, so was my heart.

Yes! I feel envy, I envy those that have daughters beside them, watching them grow and have families of their own. I don’t envy cars, houses, or material things. I was blessed with an angel, sadly only on loan to us for a short while.


Beautifully Mundane

I look out across the water hearing the waves lap against the seashore. What a beautiful day, the mosque calling followers to prayer. Life is good. Israel is such an interesting posting so much to see, so much history and many places to explore. The area where we live is so full of tourist with lovely cobbled winding streets that are full of arts and crafts, cafes, and history. Our apartment was once a hospital for Napoleons army now renovated into luxury apartments, mostly Summer homes for the elite.

I have lived around the World in places most people can only dream about, Cairo, Singapore, India, Dubai, Doha, each have been interesting and each have it’s own unique characters and places to visit. My life was not always like this, I came from a poor family who struggled to make ends meet. I remember always hoping that one day I would not need to worry about a bill landing on the doorstep, I always thought that would be sheer bliss. As I became older I realise that health is bliss, not money or material things.

I learnt this the hard way losing our only daughter at 26 years of age, and almost losing one of our sons to a drunk driver made me realise life is for living. Hence here I am living my life with my beloved husband, father, and friend.

Today I am the everyday housewife, tonight the entertainer. I have two different worlds that seem to collide wife, mother, and cleaner, this evening my other world steps in and I will be sitting listening to powerful men and eating dinner at a five star restaurant, wearing designer clothes and dressed up with my jewels.

Another day in Jacksie’s world, another beautifully mundane day.